Nov 10, 2019  There is always a room for improvement, but generally speaking I completed the new Strategic Planning model for Catalyst Paper. I did not like the idea first and gave it the name M19 basically meaning that is the Model created in 2019. However, within the development process I liked it in many aspects.
Interestingly it is more advance in some areas compare to CM-1 and lagging from it in other areas.Thus, M19 has information about manufacturing capacity of individual machine and productivity, geography and product mix for sales and freight for individual products. However, it is built with annual discretion. 
Anyway, that is pretty powerful model: first time we have a capability to pull product profitability by geographic region. The model has that ready for the report! Also, as usual we have capability for slicing and dicing by product and machine.

Apr 4, 2014 I have just finished working on MS Excel function that calculates number of business days between two dates. The one works for Canada. It also capable to identify dates for Canadian Holidays. See instructions and definitions included to the package. You can download the package here. (215kB only!)

Dec 25, 2013  

I am working with Colliers International for more than five months. My contract is extended the second time. Not my major project with them, but definitely one of favorite. Colliers is currently working on improving their reporting system – the tactical part of it. I have an honor to contribute into the development of Business Dashboard for Colliers International.

My first project was not approved, but that is my favorite:


 Jun 14, 2013  My first clip from the "Business Definitions" series released!

 Sep 13, 2012  It looks like, at last, I am inspired enough to accomplish the project I have been thinking about for quite a bit time. Several weeks, I believe, separates us from presenting the "Excel for Business" training course ONLINE!

 Jun 22, 2012  Just Happened that my partner did not like the logo. I do not why... Pink color of the crystal probably was far from his nature or mood or whatever. Anyway, we turned to the next round of brooding of a new idea..

 Jun 1, 2012  The new logo for ISTOK Capital Inc. is under the consideration. I think, at that point our team has proven its pledge to bring the excellence of success in achieving of clients goals.
  "Istok" means "spring", the initial stream of water. This stream maximizes the value through the initiative to bring the beauty of the world best experience to clients.

 Feb 24, 2012  We have completed the improvement of the accounting system for one of our client in Vancouver downtown. The client is a mining public company. Multiple goals encompassed the appropriate cost allocation across the projects, restructuring of regular reports in order to bring them closer to the format is needed for public filing, and revision of the software settings in order to better utilize its features. 
  ISTOK Capital team resolved five problem cases and prepared more than 400 lines of correction/adjusting entries.
Now, the company received the meaningful statements for decision making, and format of the reports that can be used for the public filing without complex reclassification and transformation.