Feb 2021
Resumed publications on YouTube to support Veles Solutions projects and services.

Feb 2020
Started Veles Solutions project to provide outsourced FP&A services to Small Business Enterprises.

Nov 2019
Developed Strategic Planning model (M19) with the purpose of decision making on New Product Development and Production Optimization.

Oct 2018
New position in Catalyst Paper - Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis
Dec 2016
Finished the development of the new forecasting model for Catalyst Paper (CM-1 or xModel).
Oct 2015
Joined Catalyst Paper in Richmond BC.

Mar 1, 2021

Veles Solutions is proud to be a part of help to Small Business in British Columbia assisting companies to receive BC Recovery Grant, which is essential for many companies during these difficult days.

Apr 16, 2020 

While we are walking slowly and carefully through COVID-19 it is interesting what the post-COVID world would be. What would be the governments' budgets, taxes, interest rate. What would be the Small Business? What would be professions and how they will be working - online or at the office? What would be the insurance rates and perhaps the whole insurance system will changed.. How education industry will change? How healthcare reforms? How human communication will transform? 

It will definitely lots of problems we have to face after COVID-19 - economical, physiological, and sociological.

Feb 1, 2020 

After long consideration and search for the appropriate form of business I came with the idea of Veles Solutions

I have been thinking about an opportunity providing FP&A consulting, but could not come with the form and idea of how to distinguish from competition.
Veles Solutions will provide Analysis, Budgeting and Financial Modeling services to Small Businesses here in British Columbia with the focus on Metro Vancouver.
We will do our best to provide an access to world best and most powerful solutions in analysis and budgeting areas and make them affordable to small business.
We start with the idea of providing an outsourced FP&A services and FP&A services on-demand.

Nov 17, 2019  Started collecting weather statistics for Metro Vancouver area. I run a python script that records the data from nine weather stations in Vancouver every 20 minutes.
I believe I can use that data in the future running correlation analysis for my clients. That would be most accurate and full data for my future projects.